Cafu reiterated that for the 100th round, he saw himself in Trent’s form

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Cafu, the legendary right-back of the Brazilian national team Still confirming the same words as a fan of Trent Alexander-Arnold, the Liverpool youngster who stands in the same position. And in some styles of the stars who like to play with their own shadows, draw patterns ufabet.

The position at right-back has been mocked for being a mistress in the past. Yo the point that Sky Sports analyst Jamie Carragher chime in at former Manchester United right-back Gary Neville saying: – No kid grows up to say that he wants to be Neville –  

The classic clause dropped for 2013. But nine years later, a new generation of English right-backs have emerged, whether ‘ TAA ‘, Reece James or Tyrek Lamptey, who all say they have been. Influence from Cafu.  

This event, the former two-time world champion. and Captain Samba in 2002 , so floating said it was a great honor. But if I had to choose who was the most like him, it would be Alexander – Arnold    

“ I follow the work Alexander – Arnold and the success he has achieved at Liverpool , ‘ BBC Sport ‘ .

“ That guy’s growth process over the past few years has been amazing. And of course, it’s one of the best right-backs in the world right now. ” 

“ He is still young , strong , and has improved a lot considering his maturity. Other than that, it’s a lot of experience. I saw a lot of similarities between the two of us . ” 

“ They both need and trust their attacking game , going forward. Confident to pull the trigger and work hard on the cross ball. ” 

“ The movement pattern on the pitch is similar to the one I used as a player. ” 

Cafu hasn’t come to like ‘ TAA ‘ but has long since cheered for him to become the first right-back to win the Ballon d’Or in the future.