Journalists reveal that Salika has spent 100 million euros on Vlahovic

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Fiorenti striker Dusan Vlahovic has reportedly paid €100 million, according to Ri Sport reporter Filippo Grassia. Nice to join the team

         The Serbia striker has repeatedly turn down contract offers that have been made by the ufabet club. It is expect that the team will be release from the team. Which Joe Barone, the sporting director of the team. “Purple Mahakan” confirm that the team will not increase the offer from previously submit.

         The famous Rai Sport reporter reveal that “Salikadong” contacted Fiorentina to buy Vlajovic for a fee of 100 million euros to sign for the team.

         However, it is report that Vlahovic may be overlooking Newcastle as their chances of success in the form of a championship are slim. Even now there is a lot of money to supplement the team, as Arsenal are in the same situation.

         Meanwhile, Manchester City, Manchester United, Spurs and Juventus are also interest.

Within those, the Chile international scored 47 goals with 35 assists, before translating his form to the Premier League.

A January 2018 move to United proved disastrous, eventually leaving Old Trafford 18 months later as a flop.https://get-latest.

Barca are looking to add some experience in their forward line after Aguero confirmed news of his retirement on Wednesday.

The ex- Manchester City striker has retired due to health concerns, having had to leave the field 42 minutes into his first home start for the Blaugrana.