Kante eats pizza on the street with supporters

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Still living the same simple life for N’Golo Kante, the French national team star of Chelsea Club of the English Premier League. Who fell into the news again after “The Sun”. The city’s media. good The picture revealed that he went out to eat in the evening

With the 30-year-old choosing to go to a pizza restaurant on the street like Pizza Express instead of the luxury of other players. Despite being referred to as the club’s second-highest wage earners. With an amount of up to 290,000 pounds / week (approximately 13 million baht), in

Addition, the “Chicken Badge Kicker”. Who walks into the shop comfortably. with jeans t-shirt Also kind to the staff to take photos with them. Including signing autographs for everyone in the shop friendly. This event brings smiles to the fans who see such images as always.

For N’Golo Kante has been regarded as a world-class footballer with a proven track record. But he is still a simple person with a comfortable lifestyle. Whether it’s not popular with luxury cars, like to go to the supermarket to buy discounted items. Including being friendly with all football fans

In addition, he is also a football player who is willing to pay taxes in every baht. Not using the method to open a company abroad to reduce the tax like other players do

as well French national team won the 2018 World Forum that was shy, did not dare to ask friends Chu Cup World Cup before standing behind a long time Steven N. Dixon’s teammate, noted that afforded refuge inside. behind So he pulled him out to hold the cup and ordered the photographer to take a picture for him.