The “Gud johnsen” family made their name in the latest World Cup qualifier

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Become a sensation in European football when the ” Gud Johnsen ” family of the Icelandic national team. Do the unbelievable in the 2022 World Cup qualifying game, European zone, the opening match at home. Liechtenstein national team 4-0 last night.

By the events that are the issue in the game Happen in the 89th minute. When two substitutes who came down in this game, Swine Aaron Gudjohnsen assist with a header for Andri Gudjohnsen to run in. Score a goal to close the end of the net beautifully.

The highlight of this story is The two are half-siblings and are the sons of national legend Eider Gudjohnsen, a former Chelsea and Barcelona striker who was in the game alongside. field as an assistant coach of the national team as well

Gud johnsen for Swein, the 23-year-old forward is currently with Sweden’s top team Elfsborg, while 19-year-old Andri is a forward for the Spanish reserve team Real Madrid , with a younger brother. The young 15-year-old Daniel Tristan is also in the White King’s academy as well.

The Gudjohnsen family is truly the national treasure of Iceland. Because when In 1996, when Eider made his senior international debut at the age of 17. He was substitute in place of his then 34-year-old father, Arnor, who played as a striker. Together, it can be say that they have take their football career until. They have been in the national team since their grandfather’s generation.